Satellite Cable & Internet in Rural New Brunswick – The Forgotten Wire

The only thing more stressful than moving is building a new home. In rural New Brunswick, you, the homeowner are hands-on in the construction process and have to make decisions without fully knowing the outcome. Having to make so many small decisions it is easy to miss important items. It may cost you much more money to do these things once home construction is completed.

And there’s typically one aspect of home construction that often gets overlooked because it isn’t top of mind when the home is being built: Satellite Cabling.

In addition to the electrical, electricians also run the cables throughout your home for your phone, computers and television. If you live in an urban area like Moncton you are able to take advantage of services like FibreOp from Bell or cable from Rogers. What if you’re in a rural setting like Kent County where providers are limited? Most likely you will be installing satellite so it is a great advantage to you to install the applicable cables during home construction. If you forget to do this often it is difficult to run the cables once the home is finished and may require penetrations through the vapour barrier or worse, through your new ceramic tile floor.

To avoid all of these headaches have your electrician install 4 lines of Coax RG-6 from the main electrical room (ie. where your electrical panel is located) to the soffit in the SouthWest corner of you home (all dishes point to the SW sky). Leave about 15′ of extra cable for each run in the soffit which will give your satellite installer flexibility when mounting the satellite dish. Now you are setup for satellite TV or Internet when your house is completed.

House construction is stressful and things get overlooked. But if you think forward just a little bit while your home is being built, you might save yourself a few bucks and headaches after you have moved in.