It’s spring. The snow has melted off the deck. The day is beautiful. Sunny and warm, despite the stubborn patches of snow that have yet to melt, it’s gorgeous outside. But it’s also play-off time. You want to be outside but you don’t want to miss the game.

You remember there’s an old tube tv somewhere in storage. You rifle through that long neglected dead space under the stairs in the basement. You find the tv and haul it upstairs. You clear off some space on a deck chair, set up the tv (watch it, those old tube tv’s are top heavy!) and…nothing. It won’t turn on.

You haul the tv back inside, plug it in and it works. The tv is fine, but something is wrong with the plug. What could it be?

In our service-call experience a malfunctioning plug is one of the most common requests we get for repair. And in that time, most of what we see boils down to just a few simple issues:

1A) A tripped Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Because of moisture (which conducts electricity) content outside, the Electrical Code stipulates all exterior outlets must be GFCI protected. That way, if moisture finds it’s way into the receptacle when it’s raining and you go to plug something into it, the breaker on the outlet will trip and save you a visit from the ShockMeister. But what usually happens is a homeowner will forget to press the ‘RESET’ button on the GFCI. Open the outlet cover and look at both the switch and the indicator light (if it has one). If the outlet isn’t working, the ‘TEST’ button should be sticking out. Press ‘RESET’. The indicator light should turn on and the electrons will flow again!

1B)  We say 1B simply because this issue is related to the GFCI. The circuit protecting your outlet might not be at the point of contact. How’s that now? Well, a GFCI has two places to connect wires: Line and Load. An electrician can plug another receptacle into the Load side and it will have the same protection as a standard GFCI outlet. Check your other GFCI receptacles to make sure they’re still operational.

In most situations, the GFCI is where we’ll start looking to troubleshoot the issue. If that isn’t it, eegads, what else could it be?

2) It could be something as innocuous as a tripped breaker. But I checked the breakers and they’re fine. Did you check, or did you look? Instead of a visual inspection, push each breaker in the ‘ON’ direction. If a breaker is tripped it will settle somewhere in the middle between ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’. If it’s in the middle press it ‘OFF’ then ‘ON’ again. If it trips when you press it ‘ON’ then there is another issue.

3) What could that other issue be? Let’s say you tried plugging that old tube tv into the receptacle but it just wouldn’t go in all the way. No biggie. If you haven’t used the receptacle in a while, it’s a bit stiff. But the tv won’t work. Hmm. You might want to take a closer look. Even on a brand new receptacle, a plug should engage completely. Your whimsical three year old might have stuck a plastic fork into the outlet and broken off a piece. Or, another plug might have broken off inside. No matter. It’s an easy fix.

At WattSource we have all the diagnostic tools necessary to interpret your electrical issue and find the easiest solution!

Man using screwdriver on electric breaker box, close-up

Man using screwdriver on electric breaker box, close-up

Don’t take our word for it. Our customers can tell you why they choose WattSource.  If you would like to contact any of the individuals who made these comments please contact us and we can provide you with their phone number.


My chickens are ecstatic! We needed to bring power to our chicken coop to provide lights and receptacles to power heat lamps to keep the chickens warm in the winter. Wattsource had some great suggestions for the setup and did a very clean job. The chickens are happy and so are we. Thanks guys.

Memramcook, NB


We had Wattsource install a generator panel for our home. I was impressed with their professionalism throughout the entire job. They are very easy to work with.

Shediac Cape, NB


A good job at a good price.

Business Owner, Moncton, NB / Moncton Computer Exchange & Repair


Wattsource was very accommodating with my schedule. My wife and I bought a new home and needed to move in fast as our other house was closing. They got the job done on time and were very helpful throughout the whole process.

Rogersville, NB


I have found an electrician for life. Wattsource completed the electrical for my house renovation which also included an upgrade in my NB Power service. I was very happy that they showed up on time to get the work done and made suggestions for the upgrade which saved money and added some conveniences I had never thought of.

Bouctouche, NB


Wattsource did work in our offices and were very accommodating of the staff working in the areas where the electrical upgrades were being performed. We have a busy operation with many deadlines; the staff at Wattsource got the job done for us while working around our schedule. Very professional and provide good quality work.

Operations Manager, Moncton, NB / Hub Dental


When I sold my home one of the conditions of sale was to replace all Knob and Tube wiring. Wattsource completed the work and I was very satisfied with the results. When I came home from work in the evening it was if no one had been in the house. It was cleaned up everyday when work was performed and I only knew someone had been there by seeing the results of the job. I highly recommend Attila and his crew for their professional and courteous services, great job guys. Thanks.

Shediac River, NB


They are the cleanest electricians I have ever seen.

Contractor, Dieppe, NB / Bert Richard Handyman Services


Wattsource makes an effort to understand our business needs before recommending the electrical work that is required.

Retail Business Owner, Champlain Mall Dieppe, NB / Glamour Secrets


Get's the job done and respects the needs of a small, fast-paced business.

Business Owner, Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, NB / Goguen Monuments


I am very impressed with the professionalism of the staff at Wattsource. From job design, to quotation, to job completion they have demonstrated their focus on customer satisfaction.

Owner, Kouchibouguac, NB / Wild Blueberry Meadown Farms