Do you need to expand your space to accommodate a larger workforce? Are you transforming your space to accommodate a new product line? Or do you simply want to freshen things up? Whatever electrical alteration is in the cards we can help you make it happen. Our approach is diligent and deliberate so you can achieve the renovation or retrofit you desire with minimal disruption. We work with your schedule to get the job done.

Not every job is going to have the luxury of an electrical engineering firm to realize the vision. Small jobs don’t have that kind of budget. The thing-a- ma-jig plugs into the what’chamacallit and blam, the entire operation comes to life. You might be surprised how many people come to us with those kind of directions. Or we get the, “I know what I like when I see it” request. Don’t worry, we won’t run away screaming.

After all, we’re the ones with the training and expertise. It’s our job to understand the complex technical jargon and translate it into real-world applications. Why choose Wattsource for you commercial electrician needs? We view our customers as partners; if they succeed then we succeed at the same time. When we are asked to do something and think there is better or more efficient way to do something we point it out to our customers, even if it means less work for us. We understand that in the long-term we will get more business if our customers succeed and that requires us to make decisions in the best interest of our customers today.

Try us out to see for yourself.


* Our commercial electrician service area includes Kent County and much of the Southeast including Dieppe, Moncton, Riverview, Shediac, Memramcook and Sackville.