Starting Generlink in a Power Outage

Generlink – Startup Procedures in a Power Outage January 30, 2018 The worst time to figure out how to properly get yourself up and running with a generator is during a power outage. Usually the weather sucks and most often you’re in the dark. It is best to be prepared long before the power goes out. The most [...]

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Generlink – Important NB Update

Generlink – Important Update for New Brunswick Customers In my first article on Generlink ( I discussed that you must use a “floating neutral” generator when you install the Generlink switch on your house. If the generator had a “bonded neutral” you had to follow a procedure to un-bond the neutral which on most generators is a fairly [...]

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Convert Your Generator To A Toaster

Getting the Most out of your Portable Generator Unless you have an unlimited budget and can buy a big, automatic generator to run the whole house, you need to juggle your electrical needs with a portable generator. The standard gas portable generators go up to about 8000 watts. A lot of people ask what they can run with [...]

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Generlink – Worth the Price?

Generlink vs. Traditional Generator Panel When Generlink was approved recently in New Brunswick I was excited until I saw the price tag. For a 30 amp system which will facilitate most generators under 8 kW the price is about $1500. You will also need a permit which is $115.00 and with installation it comes in around $1950.00 plus [...]

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Should You Go LED Pt. 2

In part 1 of this topic ( we looked at the justification for upgrading to a new LED fixture instead of repairing the old metal halide HID fixture (new ballast and lamp). In that scenario it was a “no brainer”. What about replacing all of their old fixtures with new LED technology before the existing ones break? Is [...]

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Should You Go LED

Switching to LED? A “No Brainer”? Part 1 ** originally posted on Linkedin Feb 8/17 LED technology has come a long way and if you are purchasing a general purpose light for your home or business an LED light is probably the best option.  Most bulb styles are available in LED and they are quite reliable compared to [...]

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