September 12, 2018   Dean and Adrien installing a motor starter and generator hookup for a well pump in the Kent County bush.  We had Postech install a thermal pile which can also be used to ground the generator when hooked up.   […] Read More

  August 1, 2018 Wattsource Electrical is pleased to announce the recent addition of Dean Tingley to our team. Dean is a red seal licensed electrician; don't let his youthful and good looks fool you, he is a keen, competent and dedicated electrician. I worked with Dean when he started in the trades about 7 […] Read More

Stuff That Shouldn't be Happening: Hair Dryers Burning Out Every 6 Weeks June 5, 2018 We were recently asked to do an electrical inspection of a hair salon. To receive a permit for a salon through the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick it requires an inspection by a licensed electrician. The inspection looks to make […] Read More

Wattsource is pleased to announce the recent hiring of Adrien Poirier as Électricien PLUS to our team.  Adrien  passed his CFQ exam with flying colours this past January and is now a Red Seal Certified Electrician.  In addition to his skills in electrical for new house builds (he has done the electrical for more than […] Read More

    Generlink – Startup Procedures in a Power Outage January 30, 2018 The worst time to figure out how to properly get yourself up and running with a generator is during a power outage. Usually the weather sucks and most often you're in the dark. It is best to be prepared long before the […] Read More

  In my first article on Generlink ( I discussed that you must use a “floating neutral” generator when you install the Generlink switch on your house. If the generator had a “bonded neutral” you had to follow a procedure to un-bond the neutral which on most generators is a fairly simple procedure. Up until […] Read More

  Occasionally I am called to do an inspection or an electrical quote for a house sale for the potential buyer. More often than not it is because there is aluminum wiring or knob and tube and the buyer wants to know if it is safe or wants to know the cost of remediation. I […] Read More

Getting the Most out of your Portable Generator Unless you have an unlimited budget and can buy a big, automatic generator to run the whole house, you need to juggle your electrical needs with a portable generator. The standard gas portable generators go up to about 8000 watts. A lot of people ask what they […] Read More

When Generlink was approved recently in New Brunswick I was excited until I saw the price tag. For a 30 amp system which will facilitate most generators under 8 kW the price is about $1500. You will also need a permit which is $115.00 and with installation it comes in around $1950.00 plus HST. We […] Read More