March 5 - 7  2018 If missed Day 1 of the knob and tube rewire we are doing go to: Day 2 The goal of a Knob & Tube job is to rewire the house (and usually add new receptacles because old houses never have enough) with the minimum amount of damage to the […] Read More

Day 1 - March 3, 2018   Finished Day 1 of a big house rewire yesterday in downtown Moncton.  Combination of knob & tube, older wire without a ground and fortunately a lot of newer, upgraded wire.  Spent the entire first day circuit tracing and planning out the job.  Prefer to ask questions first and […] Read More

    Generlink – Startup Procedures in a Power Outage January 30, 2018 The worst time to figure out how to properly get yourself up and running with a generator is during a power outage. Usually the weather sucks and most often you're in the dark. It is best to be prepared long before the […] Read More

  In my first article on Generlink ( I discussed that you must use a “floating neutral” generator when you install the Generlink switch on your house. If the generator had a “bonded neutral” you had to follow a procedure to un-bond the neutral which on most generators is a fairly simple procedure. Up until […] Read More

  Occasionally I am called to do an inspection or an electrical quote for a house sale for the potential buyer. More often than not it is because there is aluminum wiring or knob and tube and the buyer wants to know if it is safe or wants to know the cost of remediation. I […] Read More

Getting the Most out of your Portable Generator Unless you have an unlimited budget and can buy a big, automatic generator to run the whole house, you need to juggle your electrical needs with a portable generator. The standard gas portable generators go up to about 8000 watts. A lot of people ask what they […] Read More

When Generlink was approved recently in New Brunswick I was excited until I saw the price tag. For a 30 amp system which will facilitate most generators under 8 kW the price is about $1500. You will also need a permit which is $115.00 and with installation it comes in around $1950.00 plus HST. We […] Read More

In part 1 of this topic ( we looked at the justification for upgrading to a new LED fixture instead of repairing the old metal halide HID fixture (new ballast and lamp). In that scenario it was a “no brainer”. What about replacing all of their old fixtures with new LED technology before the existing […] Read More

** originally posted on Linkedin Mar 22/17 I often hear from people that electricians don't like knob and tube (K&T) rewires. No question it is a challenge, can be messy and you never know what you might find when you embark on a K&T job. Call me crazy but I enjoy the challenge of completing […] Read More

** originally posted on Linkedin Jan 9/17 If you ever have trouble falling asleep I have a sure fire remedy: the CEC or Canadian Electrical Code. After reading a few lines you should be fast asleep. I don't have this luxury as I need to know the code and make sure it is implemented in […] Read More