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Which Generator to Choose

Portable vs. Home Standby Generators  – The Big Decision ** this blog post was originally posted in September 2015 and was lost in the recent website upgrade.  Thought it was pertinent considering the last couple of weeks in NB.  Stay tuned for some new articles on generators.  AF 2/5/2017 With all of the power outages we have had [...]

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Lights Out Part 3

Light bulbs burning out frequently? Put on your detective hat! This is the final contribution to this topic although from time to time I might add something else as this problem happens and the cause is not always apparent. Just as a follow up, I was at my customer with the track light problem (ironically for another lighting [...]

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Lights Out Part 2

Light Bulbs Burning Out Frequently?  Put on your detective hat!  Part 2 In Part 1 we looked at some reasons why light bulbs can burn out prematurely. Now we will look at one of the situations we ran into with one of our customers. In this situation the customer had a home office in their basement that utilized [...]

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Lights Out Part 1

Light Bulbs Burning Out Frequently?  Put on your detective hat!  Part 1 Some electrical problems are easy to identify and fix. Every once in a while a customer calls and tells us that they have a light fixture that that is burning out often and is costing them a small fortune in bulbs. In some cases it is [...]

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Electrical Troubleshooting 101

t’s spring. The snow has melted off the deck. The day is beautiful. Sunny and warm, despite the stubborn patches of snow that have yet to melt, it’s gorgeous outside. But it’s also play-off time. You want to be outside but you don’t want to miss the game. You remember there’s an old tube tv somewhere in storage. [...]

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When do I need to call an electrician?

Anyone can change a light bulb. Including an electrician. Though sometimes it takes us longer. But it begs the question: If a homeowner can change a light bulb, what else can a homeowner (involving electricity) do? It’s all in black and white. Here’s the link that spells everything out: http://laws.gnb.ca/en/showpdf/cr/84-165.pdf Just reading the Electrical Installation and Inspection Act [...]

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The Forgotten Wire

Satellite Cable & Internet in Rural New Brunswick – The Forgotten Wire The only thing more stressful than moving is building a new home. In rural New Brunswick, you, the homeowner are hands-on in the construction process and have to make decisions without fully knowing the outcome. Having to make so many small decisions it is easy to [...]

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